Conditions of Hire

Conditions of Hire

Please also read the contents of the following documents which form supplements to these Conditions

Croft Hall Covid  Practice
User’s Entry/Exit CheckList
Internal Layout

  1. The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all lights switched off after the end of the function. The premises must be vacated by the stipulated hire finish time.
  2. The Hirer will accept responsibility for all damage done, howsoever caused, to the premises, its decorations, furniture and fittings; and to the car park, by those in attendance at the event
  3. All glass (bottles etc) must be taken away from the premises and not put in the rubbish bins or left inside or outside the building.
  4. Any electrical equipment brought into the premises must be safe for use and compliant with all relevant statutory regulations. The right is reserved to require production of appropriate safety certificates (eg PAT) and/or other documentation in cases where there is any reasonable doubt
  5. Noise must be kept to a reasonable level (<90dB), and activities (of attendees) restricted to within the premises, save in the event of fire or like-emergency. All fire exits, and access to them, must be kept clear of obstruction at all times.
  6. Concerts, dances, exhibitions and other events to which the general public may be admitted on payment of an entry or admission fee may be subject to statutory regulation and restriction. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure full compliance and obtain any necessary permissions and licences and to inform the Trustees before the event.
  7. The Hirer agrees to comply with all Acts of Parliament and other statutory requirements relevant to the event and to the Croft Hall’s Health and Safety, and Fire Safety policies which are displayed on the noticeboard, a copy of which will be provided on request. All necessary supervision must be provided at all times.
  8. Any hiring of a Hall is subject to licensing restrictions as to its capacity which must not be exceeded.    The maximum permitted number of people for typical events is:
    Main Hall Small Hall
    i Dancing 140
    ii Seating as restaurant 70 48
    iii Composite of the above 100
    iv Closely seated, theatre style 120 72

    Please note that these numbers include entertainers and service personnel

  9. The Trustees accept no responsibility for the loss of personal property on the premises
  10. The Trustees reserve the right to cancel the event at their reasonable discretion should there be any realistic likelihood that any of these conditions may not be complied with. Following such cancellation, the Hirer’s deposit will be refunded in full.
  11. The Trustees provide insurance for Public Liability only (details are displayed on the noticeboard).
    It is the responsibility of the Hirer to arrange further insurances as may be necessary or advisable in relation to any other insurable risk.