The Croft Hall stands on the site of the old Free Grammar School, (1635-1884), and was built thanks to the generosity of Sir William Pearce of Chilton Lodge.

The builder was J.H Wooldridge & Sons of the Wharf in Hungerford, and the building was originally known as Church House, which in addition to the main hall, housed accommodation for the curate and caretaker, together with a separate kitchen.

The name was changed in later years to “The Croft Hall”, when all the rooms were made available for public and business use: offices occupy the first floor, formerly the curate’s accommodation.

The Hall has been improved with new theatre lighting and sound systems and also has an efficient air conditioning system.

Three rooms of differing size/capacity are available for separate hire for meetings, parties, and other social functions: An alcohol licence is available if required, for a nominal cost


For a more detailed account please visit the Hungerford Virtual Museum website.