To check booking availability please refer to the calendar below
If you need further information, please Email: bookings@crofthall.co.uk or Telephone: 07740 282347
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Note: you can book more than one room but, if the times are different, you will need to complete separate bookings for each.
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If you have difficulty with the electronic document you may contact us on 07740 282347


Main Hall: £25 per hour
Small Hall: £20 per hour
Committee Room (John Newton Room)  £7.50 per hour
Grand Piano: £20 per event. Performing Rights Licence is included.
Bar Licence: £20 per event.
If the event is cancelled less than 7 days before the due date, the full hire charge is due.
Health and Safety
All hirers have certain responsibilities for health and safety which should be read and adhered to.  An extract from the Health and Safety Policy for the Hall, specifically for hirers, is available here.
More information
You can review the full Terms and Conditions of Hire here This will show a full plan of the Croft Hall.
After your use of the Hall you will be required to use the Arrival & Exit Checklist to ensure that the facilities are in a good state for the next user. A copy of that should be downloaded from here
The current Covid advice issued by the Trustees can be viewed by pressing this
The Croft Hall is a Registered Charity No. 231437